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Motorex Power Synt 4T 10W/50-4 Liter - 7611197124399
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Product description

Fully synthetic 4-stroke high-performance motor oil, specially developed for the demanding use in hypersport motorcycles with powerful engines. These lubricants provide the engine, transmission and clutch with optimum protection throughout the entire application. rapid power development optimum wear protection ideal for oil bath clutches Specification: JASO MA T903:2006; API SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG - Details for this Motorex product * 4 Stroke Engine Oil Power Synt 4T 10W/50 * Fully synthetic 4-stroke oil * Suitable for fast engines * Optimal protection against wear * Ideal for wet clutches (JASO MA approved)

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Product number: 7611197124399

Condition: Nieuw

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